Développer et tester du matériel pédagogique relatif au patrimoine culturel immatériel (PCI) dans des établissements de formation des enseignants du primaire au Zimbabwe

  • Assistance financière :
    • 99 635 US$ accordé en 2020
  • Dates de mise en œuvre :
    • Approuvé en 10/2020 - pas encore en cours
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Pays bénéficiaire(s) : Zimbabwe

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During this pilot phase, NATCAZ, in consultation with the relevant stakeholders, will develop a concise curriculum for six primary-school teacher-training institutions. The project has three key objectives: 1) to develop a primary-school course framework on living heritage to be administered in teacher colleges and other institutions of higher learning by the end of 2022; 2) to enhance the capacities of at least 100 trainee teachers from six teacher training colleges across the country to effectively deliver intangible cultural heritage education in primary schools; and 3) to raise awareness among at least 1000 students, policy makers, stakeholders and community members through a results-based approach. The project will focus on indigenous languages – in particular, sixteen selected languages – and their idioms as well as the performing arts, such as traditional and endangered dances. The project is expected to enhance the appreciation and sustainability of living heritage by establishing it in the primary-school curriculum in the long term, thereby guaranteeing its transmission from generation to generation. The project would also contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal 4, target 4.7, which advocates for the ‘appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development’, and, as such would respond to the funding priority ‘Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage in formal and non-formal education’ adopted by the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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