Plan d’action pour la sauvegarde du carnaval d’Oruro

  • Budget du projet :
    • 150 855 US$
  • Source :
    • Fonds en dépôt du Japon
  • Dates de mise en œuvre :
    • 01/04/2005 - 01/06/2009

Pays bénéficiaire(s) : Bolivie (État plurinational de)

Résumé :

The main event of the Oruro Carnival is a procession of thousands of dancers and musicians. The sumptuous costumes, beautifully painted masks, folk dances and songs bear witness to the influence of indigenous and Spanish cultures.

The project aimed at increasing the viability of the Carnival through the reinforcement of existing transmission mechanisms, the introduction of new ones and raising awareness among all concerned parties as to its function and importance.

Field research was undertaken in order to inventory and catalogue the twenty-one dances and forty-seven fraternities of the Oruro Carnival in their interrelated aspects, which include music, costumes and choreography. The project also made a series of publications, documenting the results of the investigations, inventory-making activities and the project itself. Interactive workshops to train the actors involved directly and indirectly in the Carnival was also organized.

01/06/2007 - 01/07/2009 – Sauvegarde de l'espace de la Culture Gong dans la province de Dak Nong01/12/2006 - 01/06/2009 – Renforcement de la transmission de l’art textile de Taquile