• Presupuesto del proyecto:
    • 214.000 US$
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  • Fechas de implementación:
    • 01/01/2020 - 01/12/2021

Países beneficiarios: Gabón


Within the framework of an agreement between Gabon and the United Nations on the access to citizenship and social protection in Gabon, a joint programme involving six United Nations funds and agencies (UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO, UNESCO, UNAIDS, ILO) is being implemented to achieve several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to social protection. A small but significant number of people from populations considered ‘difficult to reach’ are not registered at birth and cannot obtain a national identity card or access the social protection system. UNESCO is responsible for conducting an anthropological survey on the intangible cultural heritage of Pygmy communities in order to identify its impact on voluntary access to health, education and social protection. UNESCO will also conduct awareness-raising campaigns through community radios, supervisory staff and teachers.

01/01/2018 - 01/12/2021 – Elaboración de inventarios comunitarios del patrimonio inmaterial en zonas urbanas01/06/2021 - 01/12/2021 – Digitization of the intangible cultural heritage elements of communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina