Seven young people featured in the ICH and Youth video series

Preview of Video series on ICH and Youth: “What ideas come to mind when you hear Intangible heritage”?

22 February 2018 –

UNESCO Headquarters, Paris – Despite the wide outreach and growing impacts of the 2003 Convention among its 176 State Parties, there is still pressing need to raise awareness on the dynamics of intangible cultural heritage and on its relevance to the world today among the public, in particular the youth. Therefore, a video series with focus on intangible cultural heritage and youth are being developed by the Secretariat of the Convention. ›››


12th Committee: Jeju Island (Republic of Korea), from 4 to 9 December 2017


One of the last projects approved

Financial assistance

  • Niger
  • Financial assistance : $ 257,829
  • Implementation dates : 03/10/2017 - 03/10/2017
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