Seventh session of the General Assembly of the States Parties to the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

The seventh session of the General Assembly of the States Parties will take place from 4 to 6 June 2018 at UNESCO Headquarters.

Agenda and documents

 Item of the agendaDocuments
1Opening ITH/18/7.GA/INF.1: English|French
Summary records of the sixth session of the General Assembly 
2Election of the Bureau ITH/18/7.GA/2: English|French|Spanish|Russian|Arabic|Chinese
3Adoption of the agenda ITH/18/7.GA/3: English|French|Spanish|Russian|Arabic|Chinese

ITH/18/7.GA/INF.3.1: English|French
Provisional timetable
ITH/18/7.GA/INF.3.2 Rev.: English|French
Provisional list of documents 
4Distribution of seats in the Committee per electoral group ITH/18/7.GA/4: English|French|Spanish|Russian|Arabic|Chinese
5Report of the Committee to the General Assembly ITH/18/7.GA/5: English|French|Spanish|Russian|Arabic|Chinese
6Report of the informal ad hoc working group of the Committee to the General Assembly ITH/18/7.GA/6: English|French|Spanish|Russian|Arabic|Chinese
7Report of the Secretariat on its activities ITH/18/7.GA/7: English|French|Spanish|Russian|Arabic|Chinese

ITH/18/7.GA/INF.7: English|French
Information on communication and outreach for the 2003 Convention 
8Use of the resources of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund ITH/18/7.GA/8: English|French|Spanish|Russian|Arabic|Chinese

ITH/18/7.GA/INF.8: English|French
Financial statement for the period
1 January 2016 – 31 December 2017 
9Draft overall results framework ITH/18/7.GA/9: English|French|Spanish|Russian|Arabic|Chinese
10Revision of the Operational Directives for the implementation of the Convention ITH/18/7.GA/10: English|French|Spanish|Russian|Arabic|Chinese

ITH/17/12.COM/4: English|French
Summary records of the eleventh session of the Committee
ITH/18/13.COM/4: English|French
Summary records of the twelfth session of the Committee 
11Accreditation of non-governmental organizations to act in an advisory capacity to the Committee ITH/18/7.GA/11: English|French|Spanish|Russian|Arabic|Chinese
12Follow-up on implementation of the relevant recommendations of the Open-Ended Working Group on the Governance, Procedures and Working Methods of the Governing Bodies of UNESCO (Resolution 39 C/87) ITH/18/7.GA/12: English|French|Spanish|Russian|Arabic|Chinese
13Revision of the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly ITH/18/7.GA/13: English|French|Spanish|Russian|Arabic|Chinese
14Election of the members of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage ITH/18/7.GA/14: English|French|Spanish|Russian|Arabic|Chinese

ITH/18/7.GA/INF.14 Rev.2: English|French
List of candidate States Parties for election to the Intergovernmental Committee 
15Other business  

*The interpretation of proceedings serves to facilitate communication and does not constitute an authentic record of the proceedings. Only the original speech is authentic.