Evaluation Body

Starting with 2015 cycle, and in conformity with paragraph 27 of the Operational Directive, the Committee established a consultative body (the ‘Evaluation Body’) to evaluate the nominations to the Lists, the proposals for the Register of Best Safeguarding Practices and International Assistance requests greater than US$100,000. The Evaluation Body makes recommendations to the Committee for its final decision.

The Evaluation Body is composed of twelve members appointed by the Committee: six experts qualified in the various fields of the intangible cultural heritage representatives of States Parties non-Members of the Committee and six accredited non-governmental organizations, taking into consideration equitable geographical representation and various domains of intangible cultural heritage.

The duration of office of a member of the Evaluation Body shall not exceed four years. Every year, the Committee shall renew one quarter of the members of the Evaluation Body (see paragraph 28 of the Operational Directives for more details on the renewal procedure).