The Committee convened its third extraordinary session on 16 June 2008 at UNESCO headquarters to receive the recommendations of the subsidiary body that oversaw an international design competition for the creation of an emblem. The Committee then submitted the designs of seven finalists to the General Assembly (meeting in its second session, 16 to 19 June 2008), which proceeded to select the design by Mr Dragutan Dado Kovačević of Croatia on 19 June 2008. The submissions of Petra Sutila of Slovenia and Michelangelo Camardo of Italy were selected as first and second runner-up, respectively.

Committee Members during the third extraordinary session

Algeria, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Brazil, Bulgaria, Central African Republic, China, Estonia, France, Gabon, Hungary, India, Japan, Mali, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Romania, Senegal, Syrian Arab Republic, Türkiye, United Arab Emirates and Viet Nam

Members of the Bureau of the third extraordinary session of the Committee

  • Chairperson: H.E. Mr Faruk Loğoğlu (Turkey)
  • Vice-Chairs: Hungary, India, Mexico and United Arab Emirates
  • Rapporteur: Mr Francisco Javier López Morales (Mexico)


Working documents of the third extraordinary session

  • Seven emblem proposals preselected by the subsidiary body
    ITH/08/3.EXT.COM/CONF.206/INF.1: English|French
  • Election of the Members of the Bureau of the third extraordinary session of the Committee
    ITH/08/3.EXT.COM/CONF.206/2: English|French
  • Adoption of the Agenda
    ITH/08/3.EXT.COM/CONF.206/3: English|French
  • Possible selection of an emblem of the Convention
    ITH/08/3.EXT.COM/CONF.206/4: English|French