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1 de noviembre de 2015

Efforts to safeguard intangible cultural heritage are gaining momentum throughout Asia-Pacific, resulting in a need for more highly trained professionals in this area. Universities can play an important role in this regard, which is why UNESCO is organizing a regional symposium on 2-3 November in Bangkok to promote the integration of intangible cultural heritage at post-graduate levels in Asia-Pacific higher education. This event benefits from financial support from the Fund for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage .
Twenty-two executives, professors and course conveners from twenty universities will take part in the event coming from thirteen countries across the region: Australia, China, Kazakhstan, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
Discussions will include the identification of key principles of safeguarding intangible cultural heritage for post-graduate studies, exploring disciplines and structures for future programmes, and embedding safeguarding in the development of intangible cultural heritage studies at the post-graduate level. The symposium will also help deepen the knowledge base of participants on methodologies and resources pertinent to intangible cultural heritage and promote networking opportunities among them as well as with UNESCO