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Kwagh-Hir theatrical performance

and current social realities. As a form of total theatre, Kwagh-hir incorporates puppetry, masquerading, poetry, music, dance and animated narratives in articulating the reality of the Tiv people. People’s daily struggles, aspirations, successes and failures are all given expression through creative dramatization. Khwagh-hir theatre is owned by... Nigeria

Nar Bayrami, traditional pomegranate festivity and culture

nge of cultural and social functions – everything from its use in traditional meals to being cited in poetry. Symbolically, the pomegranate is associated with long-term productivity, abundance and is considered as a carrier of energy. Azerbaijani Local legends viewed it as a symbol of love and passion, while religious people saw it as symbolizing... Azerbaijan

Al-Qudoud al-Halabiya

nature have been added, telling stories of life, love, tradition and honour, sometimes taken from popular poetry. Qudoud is a vital part of Aleppan culture and is viewed as a source of resilience, particularly during war. Knowledge is transmitted informally between mentors and youth, and formally through school curricula, media broadcasts and progr... Syrian Arab Republic


and double bass were later incorporated. The singing is rooted in worship songs. Historically, lyrics and poetry were in Guarani, the regional native language, but today, oral traditions are transmitted in the yopará dialect, a combination of Spanish and Guarani. Chamamé music and dancing are an important part of the regional identity and play m... Argentina

The art of Bài Chòi in Central Viet Nam

i Chòi in Central Viet Nam The art of Bài Chòi in Central Viet Nam is a diverse art combining music, poetry, acting, painting and literature. It takes two main forms: ‘Bài Chòi games’ and ‘Bài Chòi performance’. Bài Chòi games involve a card game played in bamboo huts during the Lunar New Year. In Bai Choi performances, male and fe... Viet Nam

Epic art of Gorogly

ero Gorogly and his forty cavalrymen. The epic incorporates narration, singing, composition, prose, poetry and vocal improvisation, and also functions as an oral encyclopaedia of traditional customs and knowledge (including stock breeding, traditional healing, etc.). Its transmission plays an important role in the upbringing of children by helping... Turkmenistan

Bakhshi art

inscribed,Bakhshi art Epic poetry plays a crucial role in the musical and poetic heritage of the Uzbek and Karakalpak people of Uzbekistan. Called dostons, the traditional centuries-old poems are based on myths, legends, folk tales and legendary chants, and address varied themes such as patriotism, commitment, love, friendship and solidarity. Bakhs... Uzbekistan

The practice of opera singing in Italy

ciocultural memory, and is closely linked with other cultural elements, such as acoustic places and poetry. It is also dependent on other professions such as stage and light design, costume tailoring, scenography and makeup. A means of free expression and intergenerational dialogue, its cultural value is recognized at national and international lev... Italy

Shadow play

ntent of Shadow play revolves around humorous social criticisms – employing elements of suggestion, poetry, prose, singing and music – and satire is employed to relay narratives between the two main characters, the naïve Karakoz and his clever friend Eiwaz. Other characters include female personalities and talking animals. Performances are tra... Syrian Arab Republic

Al-Razfa, a traditional performing art

r to the accompaniment of drums and other instruments. Many chants are verses of traditional Nabati poetry, carefully selected to match the occasion. The dancers perform choreographed movements to the music while holding wooden replica rifles in their hands and in some cases, young girls swing their hair in time to the music. Originally performed a... United Arab Emirates

, Oman