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30 October 2007

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Opera dei Pupi, Sicilian puppet theatre

Opera dei Pupi, Sicilian puppet theatre (2008, RL)

On-going nomination(s)
  • 2020: L'art musical des sonneurs de trompe : une technique instrumentale liée au chant, à la maîtrise du souffle, au vibrato, à la résonance des lieux et à la convivialité (RL)

  • 2020: L'art de la perle de verre (RL)

  • 2019: Celestinian forgiveness celebration (RL)

  • 2019: Transhumance, the seasonal droving of livestock along migratory routes in the Mediterranean and in the Alps (RL)

  • 2019: Alpinism (RL)

Backlog nomination(s)
  • 2018: Truffle hunting and extraction in Italy: knowledge and traditional practice (RL)

  • 2012: The Ceri Festival (RL)

  • 2012: La procession des grands flambeaux à San Marco in Lamis (RL)

  • 2012: The Carnival of Viareggio (RL)

  • 2012: Festival of the Fir-tree (RL)

  • 2012: The Launeddas' tradition (RL)

  • 2012: Calendimaggio of Assisi (Region of Umbria, Province of Perugia) (RL)

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