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Al Azi, art of performing praise, pride and fortitude poetry

Inscribed,Al Azi, art of performing praise, pride and fortitude poetry Al Azi is a traditional poetry recital performed by a group of individuals without rhythmical or musical instruments. It consists of a full-rhymed poem based on traditional poetry and the lines of poetry are sometimes interposed with sayings and proverbs. Bearers and practitione... United Arab Emirates

As-Samer in Jordan

role of the Al-Badda, a man who starts singing by directly addressing Al-Hashi, to resume the dancing with poetry. The lines of poetry uttered during the performance form an integral part of the tradition, expressing feelings of joy, peace, intimacy and empathy among attendees. Practising As-Samer consolidates social bonds and promotes cohesion, a... Jordan

Al ‘azi, elegy, processional march and poetry

Inscribed,Al ‘azi, elegy, processional march and poetry Al ‘azi is a genre of sung poetry performed in the northern regions of the Sultanate of Oman. It constitutes one of the major expressions of Omani cultural and musical identity. It takes the form of a poetry contest punctuated by sword and step movements and poetic exchanges between a sing... Oman

Dondang Sayang

ongs and tambourines or the tambour), songs and chants, and features beautiful melodious strains of poetry. Also known as love ballads, the songs are used by communities to convey feelings of love and give advice on special topics such as love and kindness. During the Melaka Sultanate era in the fifteenth century, Dondang Sayang was performed at Ro... Malaysia

Morna, musical practice of Cabo Verde

musical and choreographic practice with instrumental accompaniment that incorporates voice, music, poetry, and dance. Morna can be either sung or played only with instruments, mainly chordophones, including the guitar, violin, ten-string guitar, replaced with a cavaquinho in the twentieth century, and the ukulele. Several other instruments have no... Cabo Verde

Alardah Alnajdiyah, dance, drumming and poetry in Saudi Arabia

Inscribed,Alardah Alnajdiyah, dance, drumming and poetry in Saudi Arabia Alardah is a traditional performance combining dance, drumming and chanting poetry that signifies the start and end of notable occasions, such as religious holidays, weddings, births, graduation ceremonies, or events of national or local significance. It is considered a fundam... Saudi Arabia

Moussem of Tan-Tan

lso included a range of cultural expressions such as musical performances, popular chanting, games, poetry contests and other Hassanie oral traditions. These gatherings took the form of a Moussem (a type of annual fair with economic, cultural and social functions) in 1963 when the first Moussem of Tan-Tan was organized to promote local traditions... Morocco

Shashmaqom music

g “six maqoms”, constitutes a fusion of vocal and instrumental music, melodic and rhythmic idioms and poetry. The genre is performed solo or by a group of singers and an orchestra of lutes, fiddles, frame-drums and flutes. Performances generally open with an instrumental introduction followed by the nasr, the main vocal section consisting of tw... Uzbekistan

, Tajikistan

Al-Taghrooda, traditional Bedouin chanted poetry in the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman

Inscribed,Al-Taghrooda, traditional Bedouin chanted poetry in the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman Al-Taghrooda traditional Bedouin chanted poetry is composed and recited by men travelling on camelback through desert areas of the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman. Bedouins believe that chanting entertains the riders and s... United Arab Emirates

, Oman

Al-Ayyala, a traditional performing art of the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates

practised in north-western Oman and throughout the United Arab Emirates. Al-Ayyala involves chanted poetry, drum music and dance, and simulates a battle scene. Two rows of about twenty men face each other, carrying thin bamboo sticks to signify spears or swords. Between the rows musicians play large and small drums, tambourines and brass cymbals. T... United Arab Emirates

, Oman