Tajikistan and the 2003 Convention

Latest news and events

Latest news and events 

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Ratification of the Convention on

17 August 2010

Listing of ICH

Shashmaqom music

Shashmaqom music (2008, RL)

On-going nomination(s)
  • 2023: Traditional knowledge and skills of production of the atlas and adras fabrics (RL)

  • 2023: Sadeh/Sada celebration (RL)

  • 2023: Traditional folk games of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (RL)

  • 2022: Telling tradition of Nasreddin Hodja/ Molla Nesreddin/ Molla Ependi/ Apendi/ Afendi Kozhanasyr Anecdotes (RL)

  • 2022: Art of crafting and playing Robāb/Rubāb/Rubob (RL)

  • 2022: Traditional embroidery of Central Asia (RL)

  • 2022: Ceremony of Mehergan (RL)

  • 2022: Sericulture and traditional production of silk for weaving (RL)

Accredited NGOs located in this country

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Law on Cinematography


Law on Folk Artistic Crafts


Law on Copyright and related Fields

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