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Action plan for the Safeguarding of the Ahellil of Gourara

lil (initiation) in schools and colleges of Gourara; organizing training workshops on Ahellil music, poetry and choreography; identifying Ahellil bearers and conducting inventory-making and data collection? organizing an annual festival (with Jury and Awards) to promote the Ahellil; and creating a website and newsletter on Ahellil, support...Benefitting country(ies) : Algeria

1 December 2006 - 1 September 2009

Safeguarding of the Art of the Akyns, Kyrgyz Epic Tellers

pprentice method of transmitting the art of the Akyns will be revitalized. Kyrgyz scholars of epic poetry and cultural workers will be trained in state-of-the-art methods of digitization and archival management, including digital archives. The project intends to renew and promote interest in the art of the Akyns in Kyrgyzstan and abroad and ultim...Benefitting country(ies) : Kyrgyzstan

1 February 2005 - 1 October 2009

Action Plan for the Safeguarding of Baul Songs

uls are minstrels who travel from village to village, earning their living by singing. Their music, poetry and way of life have profoundly influenced Bengali culture. Bauls do not identify themselves with any organized religion nor with the caste system. They emphasize the importance of the human body as the place where God resides. While Bauls ar...Benefitting country(ies) : Bangladesh

1 December 2008 - 1 October 2010

Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage and its bearers in Burundi

the UNESCO Member States. This inventory is intended to identify oral traditions and expressions, poetry, performing arts (such as agasimbo, ingoma, intore, etc.), social practices, rituals and festive events (such as marriage, celebration of the birth of twins, etc.), knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe (medicine, etc.), a...Benefitting country(ies) : Burundi

1 June 2008 - 1 May 2009

Learning with intangible heritage for a sustainable future

ractices Sample history lesson plan incorporating calligraphy Sample language lesson plan incorporating traditional poetry Palau A guideline for writing an intangible cultural heritage lesson plan (Palau) Sample Palaun studies lesson plan incorporating a social interactions code Uzbekistan Sample music lesson plan incorporating a tradition...Benefitting country(ies) : Uzbekistan Pakistan Palau Viet Nam

1 January 2013 - 25 November 2015