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Hüsn-i Hat, traditional calligraphy in Islamic art in Turkey

the practice was traditionally used to write the Koran, hadiths (statements of the Prophet Muhammad) and poetry, as well as for State correspondence, such as imperial edicts and warrants, and on religious and public buildings. In Islam, Hüsn-i hat is seen as a means not only of writing ideas, but of depicting them visually. To this day, Hüsn-i ha... Türkiye


Inscribed,Punto Punto is the poetry and music of Cuban farmers, consisting of a tune or melody over which a person sings an improvised or learned stanza of ten octameter verse lines, with a rhyming scheme. There are two main variants of Punto: punto libre, a tune of free metre; and punto fijo, which can be in key or crossed. Throughout history, the... Cuba

Aitysh/Aitys, art of improvisation

Inscribed,Aitysh/Aitys, art of improvisation Aitysh/Aitys is a contest centred on improvised oral poetry spoken or sung to the accompaniment of traditional musical instruments – the Kazakh dombra or Kyrgyz komuz. Two performers (akyns) compete with one other to improvise verses on topical themes in a battle of wits that alternates between humorou... Kazakhstan

, Kyrgyzstan

Ca trù singing

,Ca trù singing Ca trù is a complex form of sung poetry found in the north of Viet Nam using lyrics written in traditional Vietnamese poetic forms. Ca trù groups comprise three performers: a female singer who uses breathing techniques and vibrato to create unique ornamented sounds, while playing the clappers or striking a wooden box, and two ins... Viet Nam

Traditional craft skills and arts of Al-Naoor

ng to the fields. The day of the al-naoor mounting is marked by celebrations, including traditional poetry performances, singing and dancing. More recently, the energy produced by the al-naoor wheel has also been used to generate electricity and to operate the water mills used to grind grain for flour. Al-naoor is a source of livelihood for many, i... Iraq

Beekeeping in Slovenia, a way of life

olklore texts (with printed works from the eighteenth century onwards disseminating knowledge, prose, poetry and sayings related to beekeeping), art (with the characteristic painted panels and religious and secular motifs on the hives) and architecture (with the construction of traditional apiaries).... Slovenia

Date palm, knowledge, skills, traditions and practices

, fronds and fibres) for traditional crafts and social rituals. The date palm is also referenced in poetry and songs, among others. It has been associated with the region for centuries, constituting a key source of nutrition in addition to the associated crafts, professions and traditions. Due to its longstanding significance, the date palm is wide... Saudi Arabia

, Bahrain

, Egypt

, United Arab Emirates

, Iraq

, Jordan

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, Palestine

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Kwagh-Hir theatrical performance

and current social realities. As a form of total theatre, Kwagh-hir incorporates puppetry, masquerading, poetry, music, dance and animated narratives in articulating the reality of the Tiv people. People’s daily struggles, aspirations, successes and failures are all given expression through creative dramatization. Khwagh-hir theatre is owned by... Nigeria

Nar Bayrami, traditional pomegranate festivity and culture

nge of cultural and social functions – everything from its use in traditional meals to being cited in poetry. Symbolically, the pomegranate is associated with long-term productivity, abundance and is considered as a carrier of energy. Azerbaijani Local legends viewed it as a symbol of love and passion, while religious people saw it as symbolizing... Azerbaijan

Al-Qudoud al-Halabiya

nature have been added, telling stories of life, love, tradition and honour, sometimes taken from popular poetry. Qudoud is a vital part of Aleppan culture and is viewed as a source of resilience, particularly during war. Knowledge is transmitted informally between mentors and youth, and formally through school curricula, media broadcasts and progr... Syrian Arab Republic