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Safeguarding practices and rituals in sacred sites in Kyrgyzstan

27 de julio de 2021 –

In November 2018, UNESCO approved an international assistance request from Kyrgyzstan to develop an inventory and safeguarding measures concerning pilgrimages to sacred sites and performance of ritual practices. Those have been an integral part of Kyrgyz peoples’ cultural identity and heritage for ›››


Bringing education and living heritage closer together: the first global Online training of trainers course on living heritage and education ended recently

19 de julio de 2021 –

Living heritage has so much to offer to education and vice versa, as education is indispensable for broad-based safeguarding of living heritage in harmony with the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) on quality education. Recognizing this dual benefit that occurs when bringing ›››


Colombian communities of the Orinoco region have strengthened their ICH safeguarding capacities thanks to a successful International Assistance project

13 de julio de 2021 –

Colombia has played an active role in safeguarding living heritage since its ratification of the Convention in 2008. Communities based in the Orinoco region have expressed an increasing interest in the capacity building programme of the 2003 Convention, especially since the inscription of ›››


Global reflection on listing mechanisms: documents of the 8-9 July session of the intergovernmental working group are available online!

28 de junio de 2021 –

In December 2019, after a decade of implementation of the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Intergovernmental Committee launched a global reflection process on the 2003 Convention’s listing mechanisms. This was to address a series of complex and interrelated i ›››