Resolution of the General Assembly: 9.GA 6

The General Assembly,

  1. Having examined document LHE/22/9.GA/6 and its annex,
  2. Takes note of the far-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on living heritage and on its bearers and practitioners and commends the Secretariat for the adjustments made to its activities – both statutory and operational – in response to the pandemic, ensuring the continuation of the work of the governing bodies of the Convention and in support of national safeguarding efforts;
  3. Further commends the Secretariat for having carried the global reflection on the listing mechanisms of the Convention through to its conclusion, providing pertinent support to the Open-ended intergovernmental working group, which yielded important outcomes for the future development of the Convention;
  4. Notes with satisfaction the marked improvement in the submission rates of periodic reports from Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe, demonstrating the full potential of the mechanism as a results-based tool to monitor the impacts of the Convention at various levels and recognises the efforts made by the Secretariat to support the implementation of the reformed periodic reporting mechanism, as well as reporting States’ commitment to this exercise;
  5. Highlights the achievements made in the geographical and thematic expansion of the global capacity-building programme and welcomes its ongoing reorientation to adapt to the need for multi-modal delivery approaches and to strengthen partnerships in the delivery and management of the programme;
  6. Appreciates the progress made in the implementation of the funding priority ‘safeguarding and transmission of intangible cultural heritage through formal and non-formal education’ and highlights the importance of strengthening intersectoral collaboration for greater impact;
  7. Further appreciates the progress made under the thematic initiatives such as intangible cultural heritage and climate change, commercialization, education and urban contexts, underlines the importance of ensuring synergies with UNESCO’s cultural conventions and other relevant programmes in that regard, and invites the Secretariat to pursue its efforts;
  8. Requests the Secretariat to report on its activities for the period between January 2022 and December 2023 for examination by the General Assembly at its tenth session.