Decisión del Comité intergubernamental: 17.COM 11

The Committee,

  1. Having examined document LHE/22/17.COM/11,
  2. Recalling Resolutions 7.GA 8 and 7.GA 9 as well as Decision 16.COM 10,
  3. Further recalling Recommendation 6 of the 2021 Internal Oversight Service evaluation of UNESCO's actions in the framework of the Convention,
  4. Also recalling Resolution 9.GA 10 authorizing the Secretariat to use, on an experimental basis, resources under the Fund of the Convention for the monitoring and evaluation of International Assistance projects,
  5. Welcomes the proposed Strategy for the monitoring, evaluation and identification of lessons learnt for International Assistance projects, in line with the 2021 Internal Oversight Service evaluation, appreciating in particular that the Strategy is aligned with the Overall Results Framework of the Convention in order to assess the effectiveness of the International Assistance mechanism for the implementation of the Convention;
  6. Takes note that the Strategy will be supported by the revised ICH-04 Forms which is accompanied by the new evaluation form;
  7. Requests that the Secretariat begin rolling out the Strategy and that it reports regularly the progress of its implementation from a substantive perspective and on the use of the resources of the Fund, through the established statutory reporting systems, for examination by the Committee.