Organized as part of the thematic initiatives under the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, as established by its Intergovernmental Committee, an expert meeting on Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage and climate change will be convened in two parts:

  • Part I of the meeting will be held in presentia on 19 and 20 June 2024, at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France;
  • Part II of the meeting will be held online on 25 and 26 September 2024.

A group of experts are invited to participate in the meeting to prepare a guidance note on the theme in question (Decision 17.COM 13 and Decision 18.COM 12), which will contribute with proposals for States Parties and other relevant stakeholders on safeguarding intangible cultural heritage in the climate emergency.

The draft guidance note prepared through this expert consultation will be presented to the Intergovernmental Committee at its nineteenth session (2 to 7 December 2024 in Asunción Paraguay).


  • List of participants: (English/French) (LHE/24/EXP THEMA-CLIMA/1 Rev.2)
  • Agenda and timetable: (English|French) (LHE/24/EXP THEMA-CLIMA/2 Rev.3)
  • Draft guidance note on living heritage and climate action: (English|French)(LHE/24/EXP THEMA-CLIMA/3)
  • Defining the field: a preliminary literature review: (English|French) (LHE/24/EXP THEMA-CLIMA/4a)
  • Survey methodology and overview of results: (English|French) (LHE/24/EXP THEMA-CLIMA/4b)
  • Terms and concepts: (English|French) (LHE/24/EXP THEMA-CLIMA/4c)
  • Roles and risks: (English|French)(LHE/24/EXP THEMA-CLIMA/4d)
  • Policy frameworks on living heritage in the climate emergency: (English|French)(LHE/24/EXP THEMA-CLIMA/4e)
  • Policy development, partnerships and capacity building for living heritage in the climate emergency: (English|French)(LHE/24/EXP THEMA-CLIMA/4f)
  • Bibliographic references: (English/French) (LHE/24/EXP THEMA-CLIMA/5)