Decision of the Intergovernmental Committee: 2.COM 13

The Committee,

  1. Recalling Articles 1, 7 (a) and 7 (d) of the Convention, and Articles 13 and 14 (a);
  2. Further recalling its Decision 1.EXT.COM 8;
  3. Having examined document ITH/07/2.COM/CONF.208/13;
  4. Adopts the guidelines relating to the graphic design of an emblem for the Convention, as presented in Annex 1 to this Decision;
  5. Establishes a subsidiary body and adopts its terms of reference as presented in Annex 2 to this Decision, in accordance with Rule 21 of its Rules of Procedure;
  6. Elects Algeria (Group V(b)), Bolivia (Group III), Bulgaria (Group II), France (Group I), India (Group IV) and Nigeria (Group V(a)) as members of this subsidiary body;
  7. Decides to launch a competition under the conditions established by the present decision and in accordance with the terms of reference of the subsidiary body, with a view to the design of an emblem that best reflects the purposes and spirit of the Convention;
  8. Requests the Secretariat to submit to its next session a document concerning the principles governing the use of the emblem of the Convention.

ANNEX 1: Guidelines for the graphic design of an emblem for the Convention

The emblem should:


reflect clearly and simply the purposes of the Convention as set out in Article 1, and the spirit of the Convention;


be relevant to all the world’s regions;


be original and unique to ensure its protection under the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization and to avoid any confusion with other emblems, while taking into account the possibility of its use either separately or in association with UNESCO’s emblem;


be printable in black and white or in colour, include the text “intangible cultural heritage” and meet the graphic reproduction standards established by UNESCO.


ANNEX 2: Terms of reference of the subsidiary body

The subsidiary body:


shall be composed of a State Member of each electoral group;


shall elect its Chairperson and, if necessary, its Vice-Chairperson(s) and its Rapporteur;


shall guide the Secretariat in the organization of the competition for the creation of an emblem for the Convention, in particular by:

·         approving the call for tenders relating to the design of the emblem, and ensuring that the technical and administrative
          specifications reflect the design criteria already approved by the Committee;

·         ensuring that the competition is open to graphic professionals, to artists and to practitioners of intangible cultural
          heritage in all Member States under the technical and administrative conditions communicated to them;

·         ensuring that the administrative specifications set out in the notification of the competition include a clause assigning
          to UNESCO, free-of-charge, all intellectual property rights attached to the proposed emblem in the event that the work
          is selected;

·         defining selection criteria;


shall be responsible for examining the graphic works submitted and pre-selecting the proposed emblems that best reflect the purposes and spirit of the Convention;


shall submit its recommendations to the Committee and then cease to exist.