02/07/2018 - 06/07/2018

Training of trainers workshop for facilitators from the Asia-Pacific Region
The Intangible Cultural Heritage Section and the International Training Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region (CRIHAP) co-organized a training of trainers’ workshop for facilitators from the Asia and Pacific region, from 2 to 6 July 2018 in Hangzhou, China.
Within the context of the global capacity-building programme for the effective implementation of the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, the workshop intended to develop further the capacities of facilitators from the Asia-Pacific region through knowledge and experience sharing. The focus of the workshop revolved around:
I. Sharing lessons learned from implementing the capacity-building programme in the region, and potential strategies were foreseen for strengthening and sustaining the programme and its network;
II. Strengthening knowledge and competencies required to be a facilitator in the network by providing hands-on experience in using the UNESCO capacity-building curriculum, including the most recent materials;
III. Discussing new materials and thematic issues for the capacity-building programme, notably on gender, sustainable development, intangible cultural heritage in formal and non-formal education, the overall results framework and periodic reporting.


Working documents


  • Global capacity-building programme: inglés
  • Life of the Convention in Asia and the Pacific: inglés
  • Objectives and Agenda: inglés
  • Overall results framework for the 2003 Convention: inglés
  • Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage and sustainable development: inglés
  • Sustainable Development: Operational Directives for the implementation of the 2003 Convention: inglés