Resolución de la Asamblea General: 8.GA 5

The General Assembly,

  1. Having examined document LHE/20/8.GA/5 and its Annex,
  2. Recalling Article 30 of the Convention,
  3. Welcomes Kiribati, Singapore and Solomon Islands, which ratified the Convention during the reporting period and expresses satisfaction with the high rate of ratification across the regions;
  4. Takes note of the report by the Committee to the General Assembly on its activities between January 2018 and December 2019, as annexed to this document, and thanks the Committee for its productive work;
  5. Commends the Committee for the progress made in improving the governance of the Convention, notably through the reform of the periodic reporting mechanism that a) aims to improve the low submission rate of reports, b) has been aligned to the overall results framework and c) will follow a regional cycle of reporting, and as such expresses its hope that the reformed mechanism will serve as a useful tool for monitoring the achievements and impacts of the Convention at various levels in all regions;
  6. Further commends the Committee for the continued importance it places on capacity building for the implementation of the Convention through the global capacity-building programme, and notes with satisfaction the initiatives related to safeguarding intangible cultural heritage in formal and non-formal education;
  7. Emphasizes the significant role that intangible cultural heritage safeguarding can play in supporting peace building and cooperation, notably concerning the decision of the Committee on the joint inscription of an element (Decision 13.COM 10.b.41);
  8. Stresses the importance of the reflection launched by the Committee on the nature and purposes of the listing mechanisms under the Convention, including the follow-up on inscribed elements as part of this broader reflection and welcomes initial steps taken to improve the inscription process through the upstream dialogue process;
  9. Acknowledges the unanimous decision of the Committee to remove an element from one of the Lists of the Convention in keeping with the founding principles of UNESCO and the principles of the Convention of dignity, equality and mutual respect among peoples (Decision 14.COM 12);
  10. Appreciates the reflection that the Committee has undertaken on intangible cultural heritage in emergencies as well as another on the participation of non-governmental organizations in the implementation of the Convention;
  11. Requests that the Director-General bring this report to the attention of the General Conference of UNESCO, in conformity with Article 30, paragraph 2 of the Convention.