© Wande Abimbola
23 January 2015

A project has recently been launched in Nigeria, aiming to provide a solid foundation for effective safeguarding of living heritage.

Thanks to the financial assistance of Japan, the national authorities will be accompanied by UNESCO during the period of three years in order to create an effective institutional and legal environment for the safeguarding of rich intangible cultural heritage that exist in Nigeria. The project will also allow the strengthening of national capacities required for preparing inventories and for elaborating nomination files for inscription on the Lists of the 2003 Convention.

The project was officially launched in Abuja on 22 January 2015, bringing together community representatives, governmental and non-governmental experts as well as representatives of line ministries.

Planned as a part of UNESCO’s global capacity-building strategy, this project is implemented by the UNESCO multi-sectoral Regional Office for West Africa in Abuja in cooperation with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation.