Decision of the Intergovernmental Committee: 4.COM 16

The Committee,

  1. Recalling Article 17 of the Convention;
  2. Further recalling chapter 1 of the Operational Directives concerning the inscription on the Urgent Safeguarding List and its Decision 3.COM 10;
  3. Having examined document ITH/09/4.COM/CONF.209/16 and its annex;
  4. Appoints the following as examiners for the Urgent Safeguarding List nominations for 2010:

China: The watertight-bulkhead technology of Chinese junks (file number 00321)

Examiner 1: Goa Heritage Action Group, India

Examiner 2: Hans Konrad Van Tilburg, United States of America

Alternate: International Council on Monuments and Sites – ICOMOS, France

China: Wooden movable-type printing of China (file number 00322)

Examiner 1: Craft Revival Trust – CRT, India

Examiner 2: Saint-Petersburg Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Federation

Alternate: Michela Bussotti, France

Croatia: Ojkanje singing (file number 00320)

Examiner 1: Association of the European Folklore Institute – EFI, Hungary

Examiner 2: Rusudan Tsurtsumia, Georgia

Alternate: International Council for Traditional Music – ICTM, Australia

Mexico: La Maroma or peasant circus (file number 00316)

Examiner 1: Associação dos Amigos da Arte Popular Brasileira/ Museu Casa do Pontal / Association of Friends of Brazilian Folk Art / Casa do Pontal Museum, Brazil

Examiner 2: American Folklore Society, United States of America

Alternate: Plas Wichès Folklo / Folk Research Center – FRC, Saint Lucia

Mexico: The Yúmare of the O’oba (Lower Pimas) and their oral tradition
(file number 00317)

Examiner 1: Marleen Haboud, Ecuador

Examiner 2: Fundación Erigaie / Erigaie Foundation, Colombia

Alternate: Centro UNESCO de Melilla, Spain