Decision of the Intergovernmental Committee: 18.COM 7.A.12

The Committee,

  1. Having examined document LHE/23/18.COM/7.a,
  2. Recalling Chapter V of the Operational Directives and its Decisions COM 5.1, 12.COM 8.c.5 and 16.COM 7.a.11,
  3. Expresses its appreciation to China for submitting, on time, its third report on the status of the element ‘Meshrep’, inscribed in 2010 on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding;
  4. Takes note of the efforts undertaken by the State Party to safeguard the element, in particular by financially supporting its bearers, providing facilities to enhance its transmission through practice, training and apprenticeship, integrating the element into the educational system at various levels, continuing the documentation, research and promotion of the element, and involving community representatives and organizations in monitoring and updating safeguarding measures;
  5. Encourages the State Party to pursue its efforts to transmit the element with its local variations, including their cultural meanings, to younger generations, raising their awareness about it, enhancing participation and providing learning and training opportunities, to support the bearers of the element, and to develop facilities for its safeguarding;
  6. Further encourages the State Party to carry out documentation and research on the element, to complete and digitize archives, and to promote the sustained preservation of and improved public access to the archival data and objects related to the element, collected through field study and held by several institutions and organizations;
  7. Invites the State Party to continue to ensure the participation of the communities concerned and their organizations in updating safeguarding measures and taking particular heed so as to avoid the possible negative consequences of the safeguarding efforts, such as the decontextualization of the element in tourism-related performances and the dependency of bearers on external evaluation in their transmission of the element;
  8. Requests that the Secretariat inform the State Party at least nine months prior to the next deadline about the required submission of its next report on the status of this element.