Decision of the Intergovernmental Committee: 17.COM 6.a.3

The Committee,

  1. Having examined document LHE/22/17.COM/6.a Rev.,
  2. Recalling Chapter V of the Operational Directives and its Decision 14.COM 10.a.3,
  3. Expresses its appreciation to Mauritius for submitting, on time, its first biennial report on the status of the element ‘Sega tambour Chagos’, inscribed in 2019 on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding;
  4. Takes note of the efforts undertaken by the State Party to safeguard the element, in particular through ensuring the participation of the community in the planning and the implementation of safeguarding measures, acknowledging the contribution of bearers, focusing on the transmission of the element to youth and children, and establishing schools and a new Sega tambour Chagos group for that purpose, raising visibility of the element and strengthening its viability;
  5. Further takes note of the efforts of community members, organizations and institutions to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, by adjusting safeguarding activities, providing financial support through the Post COVID-19 Action Plan to safeguard the element, and using online modalities for ensuring community participation in reporting;
  6. Encourages the State Party to pursue its efforts to develop formal and informal training, in particular for youth and children, involving elderly bearers in the transmission of the element, to advance research and raise the visibility of the element, including through the media, and to address the identified threats to the viability of the element;
  7. Invites the State Party to continue paying particular attention to the significance of the use of Chagossian Creole language to safeguard the element, to ensure its viability and to plan further safeguarding measures;
  8. Requests that the Secretariat inform the State Party at least nine months prior to the deadline of 15 December 2023 about the required submission of its second biennial report on the status of this element.