Request 8.COM 1.BUR, April 2013

The request and background documents (intial requests and additional information letters) are presented in the table below.

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EN: Documentation, promotion and dissemination of the Candombe traditional drum calls, expressions of identity of the Sur, Palermo, and Cordón neighbourhoods in the city of Montevideo

FR: Documentation, promotion et diffusion des « appels de tambours » du candombe, qui expriment l’identité des quartiers de Sur, de Palermo et de Cordón, dans la ville de Montevideo

Monto (US$): 186.875

Assistance Request (COM)

Note: decision delegated to the Bureau by the Committee (6.COM)

Documentos principales
Request form ICH-04:English|French

20 Dec 2012
Documentos de referencia/antecedentes
Decision - 6.COM 10.4:English|French

25 Nov 2011
Letter to State on title/description:pronto disponible

30 Sep 2011
Request form ICH-04 - 6.COM version:English|French

 6 Jun 2011

16 Sep 2013

 9 Sep 2013