Decisions of the Bureau of the Committee

18.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 18.COM Bureau22-03-2023 / 22-03-2023UNESCO Headquarters
17.COM 5.BURFifth meeting of the 17.COM Bureau04-10-2022 / 04-10-2022UNESCO Headquarters
17.COM 4.BURFourth meeting of the 17.COM Bureau23-06-2022 / 23-06-2022Online
17.COM 3.BURThird meeting of the 17.COM Bureau06-05-2022 / 06-05-2022Online
17.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 17.COM Bureau09-03-2022 / 10-03-2022Electronic consultation
17.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 17.COM Bureau07-03-2022 / 07-03-2022Online
16.COM 4.BURFourth meeting of the Bureau 16.COM14-10-2021 / 14-10-2021Online
16.COM 3.BURThird meeting of the Bureau 16.COM04-10-2021 / 04-10-2021Online
16.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 16.COM Bureau21-05-2021 / 21-05-2021Online
16.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 16.COM Bureau08-03-2021 / 08-03-2021Online
15.COM 4.BURFourth meeting of the 15.COM Bureau09-11-2020 / 12-11-2020Electronic consultation
15.COM 3.BURThird meeting of the 15.COM Bureau30-10-2020 / 30-10-2020Online
15.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 15.COM Bureau11-09-2020 / 11-09-2020Paris
15.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 15.COM Bureau07-04-2020 / 07-04-2020Electronic consultation
14.COM 4.BURFourth meeting of the 14.COM Bureau03-10-2019 / 03-10-2019UNESCO Headquarters
14.COM 3.BURThird meeting of the 14.COM Bureau22-07-2019 / 05-08-2019Electronic consultation
14.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 14.COM Bureau20-06-2019 / 20-06-2019UNESCO Headquarters
14.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 14.COM Bureau21-03-2019 / 21-03-2019UNESCO Headquarters
13.COM 3.BURThird meeting of the 13.COM Bureau02-10-2018 / 02-10-2018UNESCO Headquarters
13.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 13.COM Bureau07-06-2018 / 07-06-2018UNESCO Headquarters
13.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 13.COM Bureau22-03-2018 / 22-03-2018UNESCO Headquarters
12.COM 4.BURFourth meeting of the 12.COM Bureau03-10-2017 / 03-10-2017UNESCO Headquarters
12.COM 3.BURThird meeting of the 12.COM Bureau24-08-2017 / 08-09-2017Electronic consultation
12.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 12.COM Bureau24-05-2017 / 24-05-2017UNESCO Headquarters
12.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 12.COM Bureau24-02-2017 / 15-03-2017Electronic consultation
11.COM 3.BURThird meeting of the 11.COM Bureau20-10-2016 / 20-10-2016UNESCO Headquarters
11.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 11.COM Bureau02-06-2016 / 02-06-2016UNESCO Headquarters
11.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 11.COM Bureau21-03-2016 / 15-04-2016Electronic consultation
10.COM 3.BURThird meeting of the 10.COM Bureau04-12-2015 / 04-12-2015Windhoek
10.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 10.COM Bureau06-10-2015 / 06-10-2015UNESCO Headquarters
10.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 10.COM Bureau08-06-2015 / 30-06-2015Electronic consultation
9.COM 4.BURFourth meeting of the 9.COM Bureau06-11-2014 / 20-11-2014Electronic consultation
9.COM 3.BURThird meeting of the 9.COM Bureau13-10-2014 / 13-10-2014UNESCO Headquarters
9.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 9.COM Bureau05-06-2014 / 05-06-2014UNESCO Headquarters
9.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 9.COM Bureau20-03-2014 / 04-04-2014Electronic consultation
8.COM 4.BURFourth meeting of the 8.COM Bureau03-12-2013 / 03-12-2013Baku
8.COM 3.BURThird meeting of the 8.COM Bureau28-10-2013 / 28-10-2013UNESCO Headquarters
8.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 8.COM Bureau01-07-2013 / 18-07-2013Electronic consultation
8.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 8.COM Bureau12-04-2013 / 30-04-2013Electronic consultation
7.COM 5.BURFifth meeting of the 7.COM Bureau24-10-2012 / 24-10-2012UNESCO Headquarters
7.COM 4.BURFourth meeting of the 7.COM Bureau03-08-2012 / 21-08-2012Electronic consultation
7.COM 3.BURThird meeting of the 7.COM Bureau08-06-2012 / 08-06-2012UNESCO Headquarters
7.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 7.COM Bureau09-05-2012 / 24-05-2012Electronic consultation
7.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 7.COM Bureau16-01-2012 / 08-02-2012Electronic consultation
6.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 6.COM Bureau15-09-2011 / 15-09-2011UNESCO Headquarters
6.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 6.COM Bureau01-07-2011 / 31-07-2011Electronic consultation
5.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 5.COM Bureau25-10-2010 / 25-10-2010UNESCO Headquarters
5.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 5.COM Bureau27-11-2009 / 27-11-2009UNESCO Headquarters
4.COM 3.BURThird meeting of the 4.COM Bureau10-06-2009 / 10-06-2009UNESCO Headquarters
4.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 4.COM Bureau07-05-2009 / 07-05-2009UNESCO Headquarters
4.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 4.COM Bureau17-12-2008 / --UNESCO Headquarters
3.COM BURMeeting of the 3.COM Bureau20-10-2008 / 20-10-2008UNESCO Headquarters
2.COM 2.BURSecond meeting of the 2.COM Bureau21-08-2007 / 21-08-2007UNESCO Headquarters
2.COM 1.BURFirst meeting of the 2.COM Bureau13-02-2007 / 13-02-2007UNESCO Headquarters