5 de julio de 2018

The UNESCO Cairo Office has begun the activities of the 24-month project “Strengthening national capacities for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage in Egypt for sustainable development”, generously supported by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority (ADTCA) of the United Arab Emirates.

As one of its initial steps of implementation, the capacity-building project held two training workshops on the implementation of the 2003 Convention and its key concepts, at the premises of the UNESCO Cairo Office building in Cairo, from 19 -21 June 2018 and 24-27 June 2018. The first workshop trained decision makers, members of the consultative platform and high-level officials on the 2003 Convention principles, its main mechanisms, and the significance of the living heritage as vector of the cultural diversity and sustainable development. The second workshop offered the technical and educational tools to the instructors and museums staff and members of associations to raise awareness about intangible heritage safeguarding so that they can deliver trainings themselves at the national level. The workshops also provided an opportunity to establish working relationships with and among various stakeholders associated with the field of intangible cultural heritage.

The project will also include other trainings, such as community-based inventorying, policy development and elaborating safeguarding plans, as well as provide technical support the development of national policy for the implementation of the 2003 Convention.