The Ministry of Culture has adopted a specialized program to protect the cultural heritage.
Preparation of the Palestinian Intangible Cultural Heritage Law.
Establishing the Palestinian National Cultural Heritage Register.
Encouraging universities to adopt academic courses on folklore.
Supporting researchers in intangible cultural heritage and publishing their research.
Holding training courses in traditional crafts, in particular those at risk of disappearing.
Preparing for establishing virtual Museum for Intangible Cultural Heritage with many partners at national and international level.
Writing proposals for various projects and various resources in order to obtain funds for the implementation of programs and activities that contribute on the protection of intangible cultural heritage.
Networking between institutions and cultural centers in the field of intangible cultural heritage.
Coordinating with universities and schools to promote intangible cultural heritage.
Encouraging theater and puppet performances to preserve and disseminate awareness about elements of intangible cultural heritage.
Supporting Capacity building for workers in the intangible cultural heritage sector.
Signing project agreement to strengthen the national capacities in safeguarding the Palestinian intangible cultural heritage 2017. Funded by Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, the project was built on the needs assessment carried out by UNESCO-Ramallah in 2015.