Under conditions specified by the Operational Directives, the emblem of the Convention may sometimes be permitted in the framework of partnerships, co-publication and co-production agreements, or promotional and commercial activities. Such use is always a subject of a specific contractual arrangement. For further information please contact ICH-emblem.

Commercial use

The sale of goods or services bearing the emblem of the Convention chiefly for profit shall be regarded as ‘commercial use’. Any commercial use of the emblem of the Convention must be expressly authorized by the Director-General, under a specific contractual arrangement. If the commercial use of the emblem is directly connected with a specific element inscribed on a List, the Director-General may authorize it after consulting the State(s) Party(ies) concerned.

When profit, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, is anticipated, the Director-General should ensure that the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund receives a fair share of the revenues and should conclude a contract concerning the project, including the arrangements for provision of income to the Fund.