Decision of the Intergovernmental Committee: 1.EXT.COM 8

The Committee,
  1. Recalling Articles 1, 7 (a) and 7 (d) of the Convention, as well as Articles 13 and 14 (a);
  2. Having examined document ITH/07/1.EXT.COM/CONF.207/8;
  3. Decides to create an emblem in order to support its activities and those of States Parties in promoting the objectives of the Convention;
  4. Decides to agree on the principle of an open competition based on wide publicity for the design of an emblem that best reflects the purposes and spirit of the Convention;
  5. Decides to establish at its second ordinary session a subsidiary body and to determine its terms of reference in accordance with Rule 21 of its Rules of Procedure, and requests the Secretariat to draft a reference document to this effect, taking into consideration the deliberations at this session.