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Thingyan Festival cancelled in Myanmar

Ye Myat Aung and Win Mi Mi Khin

Contribution from Ye Myat Aung

After the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 as a global pandemic, the Forever Thingyan Festival 2020 immediately announced on its Facebook page the cancellation of the water festival celebration. Not only new year water festivals, but also traditional ceremonies are cancelled.

Contribution from Win Mi Mi Khin

This crisis coincided with the Myanmar new year festival time that is called Thingyan water festival. Our Government did not allow celebrations to continue this year so to avoid outbreak of the virus in this risky situation. Although, we shared our homemade food with our neighbours by a good and protected package during these days.

This kind of donation is a tradition for us that we have been doing in these spectral days. Moreover, monks recite Dhamma in each and every quarter in going around in cars on the new year day. This is different to the formal way of doing traditions like assembling people in living quarters. We also kept preparing the water bottles and flowers and leaves to welcome the King of Nats coming down from heaven.

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