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Fijian vernacular videos about COVID-19

Dr. Tarisi Vunidilo, University of Hawaii-Hilo

I have been creating short videos in the Fijian vernacular targeting Fijian children to better understand COVID 19. I have made 4 videos already and they have been viewed and shared by thousands of people in Fiji and also around the world. My name is Dr. Tarisi Vunidilo and I am an anthropologist teaching at the UH Hilo campus in Hawaii. I noticed that all the medium of communication in Fiji has been in the English language. I believe that sharing information in the local dialects is the most effective way to get the message across. A lot of families are learning a lot from my videos and all feedback has been very positive !

I have uploaded them in my You Tube Channel, here is an example of the #4 recording on the importance of wearing masks:, and

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