Below are the files received by the UNESCO Secretariat for a potential examination in the 2017 cycle. This list includes nominations for the Urgent Safeguarding List or Representative List, proposals for the Register of Best Safeguarding Practices and requests for International Assistance greater than US$25,000.

The Committee will examine at least one file per submitting State during the two cycles of 2017 and 2018. It determined the total number of files for these two cycles to be 100 (50 in 2017 and 50 in 2018).

For the 2017 cycle, files are presented below in the order corresponding to Committee decision 9.COM 12 to have at least one file per submitting State processed over the two cycles of 2016 and 2017 (the first 20 States did not have a national file treated in 2016) and to the level of priorities stated in paragraph 34 of the Operational Directives:

  • (i) files from States having no elements inscribed, best safeguarding practices selected or requests for International Assistance greater than US$25,000 approved, and nominations to the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding;
  • (ii) multinational files; and
  • (iii) files from States with the fewest elements inscribed, best safeguarding practices selected or requests for International Assistance greater than US$25,000 approved, in comparison with other submitting States during the same cycle.

The States that do not have a file examined in 2017 will have priority during the 2018 cycle (decision 10.COM 13).

CountriesSubmitted files Level of priority
1AlgeriaRLLes savoirs et savoir-faire liés à la distillation de l’eau de rose et de l’eau de fleur de bigaradier par les citadines de Constantine, dit Teqtar (01192)(0) one file for 2016-2017
2ArmeniaRLKochari, traditional group dance (01295)(0) one file for 2016-2017
3AzerbaijanRLDolma making and sharing tradition, a maker of cultural identity (01188)(0) one file for 2016-2017
4Bolivia (Plurinational State of)RLParcours rituels dans la ville de La Paz pendant l’Alasita (01182)(0) one file for 2016-2017
5Bosnia and HerzegovinaRLKonjic woodcarving (01288)(0) one file for 2016-2017
6ColombiaIAR+25Mon héritage, mon pays - stratégie de renforcement des capacités de gestion sociale du patrimoine culturel immatériel du Système national de la culture en Colombie (01211)(0) one file for 2016-2017
7Côte d’IvoireRLLe Zaouli, musique et danse populaires des communautés gouro de Côte d’Ivoire (01255)(0) one file for 2016-2017
8IndonesiaRLPinisi, art of boatbuilding in South Sulawesi (01197)(0) one file for 2016-2017
9Iran (Islamic Republic of)RLChogān, a horse-riding game accompanied by music and storytelling (01282)(0) one file for 2016-2017
10IrelandRLUilleann piping (01264)(0) one file for 2016-2017
11ItalyRLArt of Napolitan ‘Pizzaiuolo’ (00722)(0) one file for 2016-2017
12KyrgyzstanRLKok boru, traditional horse game (01294)(0) one file for 2016-2017
13MongoliaUSLMongolian traditional practices of worshipping the sacred sites (00871)(0) one file for 2016-2017
14MoroccoUSLLa Taskiwin, danse martiale du Haut-Atlas occidental (01256)(0) one file for 2016-2017
15NetherlandsRLCraft of the miller operating windmills and watermills (01265)(0) one file for 2016-2017
16PanamaRLArtisanal processes and plant fibres techniques for talcos, crinejas and pintas weaving of the pinta’o hat (01272)(0) one file for 2016-2017
17PeruRLTraditional system of Corongo’s water judges (01155)(0) one file for 2016-2017
18SerbiaRLKolo, traditional folk dance (01270)(0) one file for 2016-2017
19SlovakiaRLMultipart singing of Horehronie (01266)(0) one file for 2016-2017
20TurkmenistanRLKushtdepdi rite of singing and dancing (01259)(0) one file for 2016-2017
21United Arab EmiratesUSLAl Azi, the art of performing praise, pride and fortitude poetry (01268)(0) one file for 2016-2017
22ZambiaIAR+25Strengthen the capacity for the safeguarding and management of intangible cultural heritage in Zambia (01281)(0) one file for 2016-2017
23GermanyRLOrgan craftsmanship and music (01277)(i) no element inscribed
24Lao People’s Democratic RepublicRLMusique du khène du peuple lao (01296)(i) no element inscribed
25SloveniaRLDoor-to-door rounds of Kurenti (01278)(i) no element inscribed
26SwitzerlandRLCarnaval de Bâle (01262)(i) no element inscribed
27TajikistanRLFalak (01193)(i) no element inscribed
28BotswanaUSLDikopelo folk music of Bakgatla ba Kgafela in Kgatleng District (01290)(i) nomination for USL
29Colombia; Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)USLColombian-Venezuelan llano work songs (01285)(i) nomination for USL
30TurkeyUSLWhistled language (00658)(i) nomination for USL
31Azerbaijan; Iran (Islamic Republic of)RLCrafting and playing with Kamantcheh/Kamancha, a bowed string musical instrument (01286)(ii) multinational nomination
32Bulgaria; The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; Republic of Moldova; RomaniaRLCultural practices associated to the 1st of March (01287)(ii) multinational nomination
33The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; TurkeyRLSpring celebration, Hıdrellez (01284)(ii) multinational nomination
34ArgentinaRLCuarteto. Music and dance, which originated in Córdoba, Argentina (01168)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
35CubaRLPunto (01297)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
36EgyptBSPDocumenting, preserving, training and promoting the Egyptian intangible heritage of the art and crafts of Tally in Upper Egypt (00963)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
37KazakhstanRLKazakh traditional Assyk games (01086)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
38Saudi ArabiaRLAl-Qatt Al-Asiri, a female traditional interior wall decoration in Asir, Saudi Arabia (01261)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
39BangladeshRLTraditional art of Shital Pati weaving (01112)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
40GreeceRLRebetiko (01291)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
41NigeriaRLIjala, Yoruba oral poetry (00682)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
42KenyaIAR+25Promoting the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage in learning institutions in Kenya (00880)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
43MalawiRLNsima, culinary tradition of Malawi (01292)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
44MauritiusRLSega tambour of Rodrigues Island (01257)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
45PortugalRLCraftmanship of Estremoz clay figures (01279)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
46UzbekistanBSPMargilan Crafts Development Centre, safeguarding of the atlas and adras making traditional technologies (01254)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
47BulgariaBSPThe Bulgarian Chitalishte (Community Cultural Centre): Practical experience in safeguarding the vitality of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (00969)(iii) 4 elements inscribed
48UgandaIAR+25Community-self documentation and revitalization of ceremonies and practices associated with Empaako naming system in Uganda (01210)(iii) 6 elements inscribed
49Viet NamRLThe art of Bài Chòi in Central Viet Nam (01222),Xoan singing of Phú Thọ province, Viet Nam (01260)(iii) 9 elements inscribed
50BelgiumBSPRemembrance education and safeguarding the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres, City of Peace (00875)(iii) 10 elements inscribed
51IndiaRLKumbh Mela (01258)(iii) 10 elements inscribed
Priority States for 2018 cycle
52France11 elements inscribed
53Spain12 elements inscribed
54Republic of Korea16 elements inscribed
55Japan22 elements inscribed
56China37 elements inscribed