Below are the files received by the UNESCO Secretariat for a potential examination in the 2016 cycle. This list includes nominations for the Urgent Safeguarding List or Representative List, proposals for the Register of Best Safeguarding Practices and requests for International Assistance greater than US$25,000.

The Committee will examine at least one file per submitting State during the two cycles of 2016 and 2017. It determined the total number of files for these two cycles to be 100 (50 in 2016 and 50 in 2017).

For the 2016 cycle, files are presented below in the order corresponding to Committee decision 8.COM 10 to have at least one file per submitting State processed over the two cycles of 2015 and 2016 (the first 11 States could not have a national file treated in 2015) and to the level of priorities stated in paragraph 34 of the Operational Directives:

  • (i) files from States having no elements inscribed, best safeguarding practices selected or requests for International Assistance greater than US$25,000 approved, and nominations to the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding;
  • (ii) multinational files; and
  • (iii) files from States with the fewest elements inscribed, best safeguarding practices selected or requests for International Assistance greater than US$25,000 approved, in comparison with other submitting States during the same cycle.

The States below that do not have at least one file examined in 2016 will have priority during the 2017 cycle (decision 9.COM 12).

Countries Submitted files Level of priority
1 BelgiumRLLa culture de la bière en Belgique (01062)(0) one file for 2015-2016
2 ChinaRLThe Twenty-Four Solar Terms, Chinese knowledge of time and practices developed through observation of the sun’s annual motion (00647)(0) one file for 2015-2016
3 CroatiaBSPCommunity project of safeguarding the living culture of Rovinj/Rovigno: the Batana Ecomuseum (01098)(0) one file for 2015-2016
4 FranceRLLe carnaval de Granville (01077)(0) one file for 2015-2016
5 IndiaRLYoga (01163)(0) one file for 2015-2016
6 JapanRLYama, Hoko, Yatai, float festivals in Japan (01059)(0) one file for 2015-2016
7 MexicoRLCharrería, Mexican equestrian tradition (01108)(0) one file for 2015-2016
8 Republic of KoreaRLCulture of Jeju Haenyeo (women divers) (01068)(0) one file for 2015-2016
9 SpainRLValencia Fallas festivity (00859)(0) one file for 2015-2016
10 TurkeyRLTraditional craftsmanship of Çini-making (01058)(0) one file for 2015-2016
11 Viet NamRLViet beliefs in the Mother Goddesses of Three Realms (01064)(0) one file for 2015-2016
12 Afghanistan; Azerbaijan; India; Iran (Islamic Republic of); Iraq; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Uzbekistan; Pakistan; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; TurkeyRLNawrouz, Novruz, Nowrouz, Nowrouz, Nawrouz, Nauryz, Nooruz, Nowruz, Navruz, Nevruz, Nowruz, Navruz (01161)(i) no element inscribed
13 ArgentinaBSPThe Randas of time, a safeguarding model of textile art at El Cercado (01212)(i) no element inscribed
14 FijiBSPCultural mapping, methodology for the safeguarding of iTaukei intangible cultural heritage (01195)(i) no element inscribed
15 GermanyRLIdea and practice of organizing shared interests in cooperatives (01200)(i) no element inscribed
16 Germany; Saudi Arabia; Austria; Belgium; United Arab Emirates; Spain; France; Hungary; Italy; Kazakhstan; Morocco; Mongolia; Pakistan; Portugal; Qatar; Syrian Arab Republic; Republic of Korea; Czech RepublicRLFalconry, a living human heritage (01209)(i) no element inscribed
17 Lao People’s Democratic RepublicRLLa musique du khène du peuple lao (01204)(i) no element inscribed
18 NorwayBSPOselvar boat - reframing a traditional learning process of building and use to a modern context (01156)(i) no element inscribed
19 Saudi ArabiaRLAl Mezmar, drumming and dancing with sticks (01011)(i) no element inscribed
20 SloveniaRLŠkofja Loka passion play (01203)(i) no element inscribed
21 Sri LankaRLTraditional art of string puppetry (01171)(i) no element inscribed
22 SwitzerlandRLFête des vignerons de Vevey (01201)(i) no element inscribed
23 TajikistanRLOshi Palav, a traditional meal and its social and cultural contexts in Tajikistan (01191)(i) no element inscribed
24 BotswanaUSLThe use of Moropa wa Bojale ba Bakgatla ba Kgafela and its associated practices (01183)(i) nomination for USL
25 CambodiaUSLChapei Dang Veng (01165)(i) nomination for USL
26 KenyaUSLRituals and practices associated with Kit Mikayi Shrine (01180)(i) nomination for USL
27 PortugalUSLBisalhães black pottery manufacturing process (01199)(i) nomination for USL
28 UgandaUSLMa’di bowl lyre music and dance (01187)(i) nomination for USL
29 UkraineUSLCossack’s songs of Dnipropetrovsk Region (01194)(i) nomination for USL
30 Azerbaijan; Iran (Islamic Republic of); Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; TurkeyRLFlatbread making and sharing culture: Lavash, Katryma, Jupka, Yufka (01181)(ii) multinational nomination
31 Romania; Republic of MoldovaRLTraditional wall-carpet craftsmanship in Romania and the Republic of Moldova (01167)(ii) multinational nomination
32 Slovakia; Czech RepublicRLSlovak and Czech puppetry (01202)(ii) multinational nomination
33 AustriaBSPRegional Centres for Craftsmanship: a strategy for safeguarding the cultural heritage (01169)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
34 CubaRLCuban rumba, a festive combination of music and dances and all the practices associated (01185)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
35 Democratic People’s Republic of KoreaRLSsirum (wrestling) in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (01160)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
36 EgyptRLTahteeb, stick game (01189)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
37 EthiopiaRLGada system, an indigenous democratic socio-political system of the Oromo (01164)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
38 GreeceRLMomoeria, New Year’s celebration in eight villages of Kozani area, West Macedonia, Greece (01184)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
39 IraqRLKhidr Elias feast and its vows (01159)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
40 KazakhstanRLKazakh Kuresi (01085)(iii) 1 elements inscribed
41 BangladeshRLMangal Shobhajatra on Pahela Baishakh (01091)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
42 BelarusRLCelebration in honor of the Budslaŭ icon of Our Lady (Budslaŭ Fest) (01174)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
43 Dominican RepublicRLMusic and dance of the Dominican merengue (01162)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
44 GeorgiaRLLiving culture of three writing systems of the Georgian alphabet (01205)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
45 NigeriaRLArgungu international fishing and cultural festival (00901)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
46 BulgariaBSPFestival of folklore in Koprivshtitsa: a system of practices for heritage presentation and transmission (00970)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
47 HungaryBSPSafeguarding of the folk music heritage by the Kodály concept (01177)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
48 MauritiusRLBhojpuri folk songs of Mauritius, Geet-Gawai (01178)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
49 RomaniaRLWhitsunday pilgrimage from Şumuleu Ciuc (Csíksomlyó) (01120)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
50 UzbekistanRLPalov culture and tradition (01166)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
51 Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)RLCarnival of El Callo, a festive representation of a memory and cultural identity (01198)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
Priority States for 2017 cycle
52 Algeria4 elements inscribed
53 Armenia4 elements inscribed
54 Bolivia (Plurinational State of)4 elements inscribed
55 Morocco4 elements inscribed
56 Italy5 elements inscribed
57 Azerbaijan6 elements inscribed
58 Indonesia7 elements inscribed
59 Peru7 elements inscribed
60 Brazil8 elements inscribed
61 Colombia8 elements inscribed
62 Iran (Islamic Republic of)9 elements inscribed
63 Mongolia11 elements inscribed