08/11/2015 - 15/11/2015
República Democrática Popular Lao

This workshop was not included in the J-FIT Phase II workplan. A workshop on community-based inventorying was already conducted in Lao PDR with J-FIT funding in 2013 during Phase I. However, the Heritage Department team expressed the need to follow a refresher course before undertaking the pilot field inventory earmarked as part of this project. External funding was identified for this refresher. The workshop was organized in the city of Luang Prabang, situated in the province where the pilot inventory was to take place. Community members and members of the Provincial Department, as well as 5 practitioners were invited as trainees. They could gain a thorough understanding of community-based inventories techniques as well as participate in the following field activities. Participants were divided into 4 teams for field practicum to document the epok puppet theatre of Xieng Thong village, ‘khap’ singing in Phone Phaeng village, silversmithing and hand-made textiles in Pha Nom village. Two teams were led by workshop’s participants who were also practitioners.