The Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage



  • « A talk with…MedLiHer for the protection of the living heritage in the Mediterranean», published in the Newsletter of the Euromed Heritage, “Connecting” No. 5, June.2010 (inglés).
  • A documentary about the MedLiHer project.

Workshops organized in Syria* in connection with the conduct of assessments on the state:

  • Samir Al-Zoubi, «Find our intangible heritage and protect it from loss»,, Syria, 22-01-2010 (árabe).
  • Milda Shwikani, « Project MedLiHer much of the heritage is threatened», Al-Baath newspaper, Syria 28-01-2010 (árabe).
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MedLiHer Phase II evaluation meeting, Cairo, Egypt, 28-30 November 2010:

  • Hagar Deyab, « Project for the Protection of the Mediterranean Heritage, under the auspices of the European Union in Cairo », in Al-Ahram al-Masayi, Egypt December 2010 (árabe).
  • ENPI info Centre : «Mediterranean Living Heritage project meets to plan the way forward », 23-11-2010 (inglés|francés|árabe).

Euromed Heritage 4, a program of the European Commission

  • Euromed Heritage.
  • The European Neighborhood Policy (ENP), applies to the immediate neighbors by land or sea, of the Union. It aims at strengthening the prosperity, stability and security of all its neighbors and offers a privileged relationship based on mutual commitment to common values.
  • The Directorate General for EuropeAid Development and Cooperation is responsible for elaborating EU policies on development and provide assistance to the EU in the world through projects and programs.
  • ENPI info Centre supports the activities of information and communication on the ENPI (European Neighborhood and Partnership), with a section devoted to the Euromed region.
  • Émilie Sueur,”The Challenge of Heritage IV: Engage youth in heritage preservation”, l’Orient-le jour, 08/06/2009 (francés).



  • Salamah Al-Ruq’i, “Cultural Diversity in Egypt”, Al-Ahram Al-Yawmi newspaper’, Cairo, Egypt, 28/04/2010 (árabe).

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Press :

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Press :

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  • Fidel Sbeity, “World Heritage Day shines in the skies over Lebanon”, Al-Mustaqbal newspaper, Lebanon, 17-04-2009 (árabe).

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  • Al Jana - Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts: The center publishes popular proverbs and is also interested in children’s literature. He organizes seminars in schools for young people interested in heritage issues. It offers training in folk dance (English).


Press :

  • Faisal Khartash, “Intangible culture heritage of the city of Aleppo in the Islamic period”, forum Enalep, Syria, 14/08/2011 (árabe).
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  • Milda Shwikani, an interview with Bassma Orabi, Researcher, “Heritage is a personal matter and identity”, Al-Baath media, Syria, 09/02/2010 (árabe).

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*Given the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic, the activities led in Syria in the project MedLiHer have been suspended since October 2011.

The World Cultures Institute:

The World Culture Institute, is a French institution and a MEDLIHER partner, it has a database of online entertainment and world music:

  • The database of online multimedia entertainment and world music, Ibn Battuta is devoted to dramatic and musical traditions of the world. It identifies various forms of music, dance, drama (theater actors, masks, puppets and shadows, rituals …) and presents them through texts, photographs and videos.

Also visit: