• Project budget:
    • US$ 337,338
  • Source:
    • Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority Funds-in-Trust
  • Dates of implementation:
    • 30/05/2017 - 31/12/2020

Benefitting country(ies): Sudan


This project is the result a of needs assessment in the field of intangible cultural heritage that was made possible thanks to the financial contribution of the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (ADTCA).
Funded also by ADTCA, the project aims at supporting Sudan in its efforts to safeguard its living heritage, in accordance with the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. In partnership with the Ministry of Culture of Sudan, its Documentation and Folklife Center and the Sudanese National Commission for UNESCO, UNESCO will provide technical support and develop a capacity-building program. The program will be based on the needs identified, in collaboration with national partners, during an assessment mission held in April 2015 in Khartoum.
UNESCO will provide advisory and training services to build capacities for the development of a national strategy for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage, inventory making and the elaboration of safeguarding plans as well as for the effective participation in the international cooperation mechanisms in the field of intangible cultural heritage in Sudan.

News and activities:

15/08/2022 - 15/08/2022 – Strengthening capacities for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage in Eastern Africa30/05/2017 - 31/12/2020 – Strengthening national capacities for safeguarding Palestinian intangible cultural heritage