Litoral Seeds
© Claudia Lorena Cruz
17 June 2013

Anniversaries are opportunities to reflect on the past and to envision the future. As the Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention celebrates its first decade (2003-2013), experts and officials who were involved in its conception and birth came together in Chengdu, China to discuss how it has lived up to – or exceeded! – their expectations and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead of it.

A highlight of the worldwide celebrations of the Convention’s tenth anniversary, the Chengdu International Conference on Intangible Cultural Heritage featured series of round-table discussions where panelists recalled the intentions of the framers of the 2003 Convention, identified its achievements thus far and defined priorities for the future. First-hand testimony was offered from those who were responsible for its creation and those who have been implementing it since, a rich and lively exchange of aspirations and accomplishments as reflected in the Conference Recommendations.

Please read the Conference’s recommendations including background papers.