ICH inventorying presentation in Boubon
©  Adamou Danladi, December 2015
9 March 2016

The presentation of the project ‘Capacity-building in Niger for the implementation of the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage’ will take place next Wednesday, 9 March, at Niamey University in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure.
The presentation will focus on community-based inventorying that was conducted at two pilot sites in Agadez and Boubon, resulting in the inventorying of twenty ICH elements.
In order to promote this intangible cultural heritage, a brochure explaining key ICH elements will also be introduced during the presentation.
Finally, an exhibition on the inventorying process will be inaugurated at the University by the Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure. This exhibition aims to raise awareness about the importance of ICH and its safeguarding.
The project, which was implemented by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Leisure through its Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Museums (DCHM) and with the support of UNESCO, reinforced the capacities of the DCHM technicians, communities and others stakeholders involved in the inventorying process, through two of UNESCO’s capacity-building- workshops.
Finally this project helped to revise the 97-022 law on Niger National Cultural Heritage with the objective of including ICH. A draft law was elaborated and which will allow Niger to contribute to strengthening awareness of ICH and especially for safeguarding it.
This project is made possible thanks to the generous contribution from the Government of the Kingdom of Spain to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund.