Local men explaining how to process the cacao beans and be converted into chocolate, Grenada
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17 February 2022

Earlier this month, an International Assistance project in Grenada was officially launched through an online event. It marked the beginning of a project that will continue until January 2023, and that will strengthen the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage in Grenada through inventorying and education initiatives with an emphasis on transmission. The project will result in an educational program called Proud of my Heritage. The participating school communities will take part in tailored inventorying exercises and living heritage will be integrated into the school curriculum.

Proud of my Heritage is also the name of a national awareness-raising campaign on living heritage elements such as traditional boat building, festivals, and the process of cocoa-making. The general public is now able to share their opinions and a call for contributions has been launched on dedicated social media platforms.

The Grenada National Trust will lead and implement the project with the involvement of community leaders, living heritage bearers and practitioners, researchers, lecturers and students. Proud of my Heritage is expected to raise awareness regarding the importance of safeguarding living heritage and further strengthen the implementation of the 2003 Convention with a community-based approach.

UNESCO is looking forward to witness the International Assistance project coming through in this Small Island Developing State (SIDS) and all the positive effects it will have on the transmission, information and education regarding intangible cultural heritage in Grenada.

For further information on how to request Internal Assistance for specific projects, browse through our designed toolkit available in English|French.

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