Resolution of the General Assembly: 4.GA 8

The General Assembly,

1.         Having examined document ITH/12/4.GA/8,

2.         Recalling Resolution 3.GA 10,

3.         Takes note of the provisional programme and schedule for the tenth anniversary of the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, as submitted to the Committee at its sixth session;

4.         Commends those States Parties and other stakeholders that have planned activities to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Convention and encourages those who have not yet done so to implement activities for the celebration of the anniversary;

5.         Invites the States Parties and other stakeholders to register their respective activities planned for this celebration on the website set up by the Secretariat, in order to facilitate information sharing internationally and promote the objectives of the Convention;

6.         Also invites States Parties and any other donor to support the creation of a photography exhibition on the intangible cultural heritage and its contribution to sustainable development, so it can be made available to States Parties at the beginning of 2013 and presented on the fence around the buildings of the UNESCO Headquarters, particularly by making voluntary supplementary contributions to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund;

7.         Requests the Committee to promote cooperation between the States and other stakeholders for the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Convention, and invites it to mobilize extrabudgetary funds to that end;

8.         Further invites the Committee to submit to it at its fifth session, in June 2014, a report on the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Convention.