Decision of the Intergovernmental Committee: 4.COM 4

The Committee,

  1. Considering Rule 8 of the Rules of Procedure of the Intergovernmental Committee;
  2. Having examined document ITH/09/4.COM/CONF.209/4 Rev.;
  3. Recalling its Decisions 3.COM 10 and 3.COM 12;
  4. Further recalling Article 8.4 of the Convention;
  5. Welcomes the participation of the following NGOs recommended for accreditation in an advisory capacity to the Committee:
  • Arunodaya kala mahila mandali
  • Association nationale cultures et traditions
  • جمعية لقاءات للتربية والثقافات / Association Cont’Act pour l’éducation et les cultures
  • Associazione Extra Moenia
  • Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal / Institute of Folk Arts and Culture
  • Centre des musiques et danses traditionnelles et populaires de Guadeloupe
  • Centre UNESCO de Catalunya / Centre UNESCO de Catalogne
  • Centro de Estudios Borjanos de la Institución ‘Fernando el Católico’ / Centre d’études borjanos de l’institution ‘Fernando el Católico’
  • Centro UNESCO de Navarro
  • Chambre des beaux arts de Méditerranée
  • CIOFF България / CIOFF Bulgaria
  • Conservatorio de la Cultura Gastronómica Mexicana S.C. / Conservatoire de la culture gastronomique mexicaine SC
  • Craft Revival Trust
  • Dhrupud Sansthan Bhopal Nyas / Dhrupad Institute Bhopal Trust
  • Fundación Dieta Mediterránea / Mediterranean Diet Foundation
  • Iniziative Demo-Etno-Antropologiche e di Storia Orale in Toscana – IDAST / Folkloric, Ethnographic, Anthropological and Oral Historic Initiatives in Tuscany – IDAST
  • Instituut voor Vlaamse Volkskunst vzw
  • International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey
  • International Council for Traditional Music / Conseil international de la musique traditionnelle
  • International Council of Museums / Conseil international des musées
  • International Council on Monuments and Sites / Conseil international des monuments et des sites
  • International Social Science Council / Conseil international des sciences sociales
  • International Society for Ethnology and Folklore-SIEF/Société international d’ethnologie et de folklore
  • Jaipur Virasat Foundation
  • Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation
  • Madhukali
  • Norsk Handverksutvikling / Norwegian Crafts Development
  • Società Italiana per la Museografia ed i Beni DemoEtnoAntropologici / Italian Society for Ethnographic Museum Studies and Heritage
  • Tamil Nadu Rural Arts Development Centre
  • Traditions pour demain / Traditions for Tomorrow
  • UNESCO Centre for Melilla/ Centre pour l’UNESCO à Melilla
  • World Martial Arts Union
  1. Also welcomes the presence at its fourth session of examiners of Urgent Safeguarding List nominations and international assistance requests, as follows:
  • Antonio Augusto Arantes Neto
  • Mary Jo Arnoldi
  • Egil Bakka (Stiftelsen Râdet for Folkemusikk og Folkedans / Foundation Norwegian Council for Traditional Music and Traditional Dance)
  • Chun In Pyong
  • Harriet Deacon
  • Paolo Ferrari (Associazione Musa – ‘Musiche, Canti e Danze tradizionali delle Quattro Province’ / Musa Association – ‘Music, Songs and Traditional Dances from Four Provinces’)
  • Rahul Goswami (Goa Heritage Action Group)
  • Juraj Hamar (Slovenské centrum pre tradicnú kultúru / The Slovak Centre of Traditional Culture)
  • Gisa Jähnichen (International Council for Traditional Music / Conseil international de la musique traditionnelle)
  • Shamil Jeppie (International Social Science Council / Conseil international des sciences sociales)
  • Susan Keitumetse
  • Ronald G. Knapp
  • Ignazio Macchiarella
  • Edric Liang Bin Ong
  • Rithu Sethi (Craft Revival Trust)
  • Thiyagarajan Somasundaram (Tamil Nadu Rural Arts Development Centre)
  • Arunas Vaicekauskas (Lietuvos liaudies kultūros centras – LLKC / Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre)
  • Mark Van Tongeren
  1. Authorizes the participation, as observers, in the fifth, sixth and seventh sessions of the Committee, of intergovernmental organizations other than those referred to in Rule 8.2 of its Rules of Procedure, public or private bodies and private persons, with recognized competence in the various fields of the intangible cultural heritage, as follows:
  • Akşehir Nasreddin Hoca ve Turizm Derneği / Association de Nasreddin Hodja et du tourisme
  • Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO)
  • Association ‘Cantu in Paghjella’
  • Association for the European Centre for Traditional Culture
  • Associazione Nazionale Città della terra cruda
  • Centre for Cultural Diversity
  • Civil Society Organisation Network
  • La Enciclopedia del Patrimonio Cultural Immaterial, A.C. / Intangible Cultural Heritage Encyclopedia
  • Ethnic Culture Centre ‘Suiti’ Foundation
  • Gazi Üniversitesi Türk Halkbilimi Araştırma ve Uygulama Merkezi / Turkish Folklore Research and Application Center (TFRAC)
  • Islamic International Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ISESCO)
  • League of Arab States
  • Maison des cultures du monde