Decision of the Intergovernmental Committee: 4.COM 17

The Committee,

  1. Recalling chapter V of the Convention;
  2. Further recalling chapter 2 of the Operational Directives related to international assistance and its Decision 3.COM 10;
  3. Having examined document ITH/09/4.COM/CONF.209/17 and its Annex;
  4. Appoints the following as examiners for the international assistance request submitted by Belarus with the title ‘Establishing the national inventory of the intangible cultural heritage in Belarus as a complex system for supporting and promoting Belarusian cultural diversity and safeguarding its intangible cultural heritage’ (file number 00332):

Examiner 1: Association nationale cultures et traditions, France

Examiner 2: Dace Bula, Latvia

Alternate: Igor Poshyvailo, Ukraine