Ms Gabriele Detschmann

Gabriele Detschmann holds degrees in theatre studies, literary and cultural studies. She has worked actively in the field of ICH, with groups and communities in Austria as the Programme Specialist for ICH in the Austrian NatCom since 2015, developing skills as a mediator, presenter and curator.

She has organised a range of events and projects, from drawing up and monitoring the National Inventory, coordinating inter-/multinational nominations and a periodic report, organising (inter)national conferences, publications, establishing platforms for exchange and dialogue between and among ICH stakeholders in Austria, including practitioners, NGOs, museums, universities, etc. She represented Austria in the meetings and working groups of the Intergovernmental Committee from 2016-2020 and developed and curated two international exhibitions for the safeguarding of indigo dyeing (in the course of the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018 and during UNESCO’s 40th General Conference in 2019).
Her fields of interests include craftsmanship (over the last years, Gabriele has cultivated networks i.a. with crafts and trades organisations, artisans, artists and designers, museums, the Austrian craft centres inscribed on the Register of Good Safeguarding Practices and the Austrian Economic Chambers), knowledge concerning nature (she has experience in ICH and natural hazards, traditional irrigation systems, traditional medicine) and animal ethics.
Gabriele is currently working on her PhD thesis focusing on selected prose fiction by contemporary Muslim women writers (fields: literary and cultural studies, critical theory, gender studies). In 2019, she started training with ANIMAS Centre for Coaching in London.


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English, German