Uganda Community Museums Association (UCOMA) - UCOMA


Contacto: +256 782822462
Dirección de correo postal: P.O. Box 33507 Kampala
Cobertura geográfica de la experiencia de la ONG: Uganda


Fecha de creación: 2013

Medidas de salvaguardia:

- identificación, documentación, investigación (inventarios incluidos)
- preservación, protección
- promoción, valorización
- transmisión, enseñanza (no-)formal
- revitalisación

Principales áreas de trabajo relacionadas con la Convención:

Uganda Community Museums Association (UCOMA) is an umbrella organisation for Community Museums in Uganda. 5 of the 36 member museums are linked to 5 of the 6 ICH elements and they are; Kigulu Cultural Museum (The Bigwala Trumpet music, among the Basoga). Madi Community museum (The Madi bow lyre musical instrument). the Cultural Assets Centre museum (Empako naming ceremony among the Banyoro), Koogere Community museum (Koogere Oral Tradition) and Uganda Matrys University museum (the Skill of Bark cloth making among the Baganda). UCOMA is coordinating the project to make the ICH elements visible both within and beyond the communities in which they are located and the transmission of ICH to young generations which is hampered by different factors including the western form of education, foreign religions and limited spaces for engagement and learning. Much as there is no linked museum, UCOMA has not left out the 6th ICH element; the Male Child cleansing among the Longo people.


(a) To preserve artifacts and cultures throughout the country through member community museums (b) To expose to all generations, especially the youth, Uganda's cultural arlifacts and traditions both tangible and intangible (c) To come together under one umbrella organization and share experiences, knowledge, skills and resources, both within and outside Uganda; (d) To advocate for the common interest of the members and for a conducive policy environment for their work; {e) To promote members' professional growth in managing their individual museums; and (f) To carry out relevant documentation and research on African/Ugandan artifacts, cultures and their evolution. {g) To engage in activities that promotes peace, development and environmental protection in their respective areas.