Academia de ła Bona Creansa


Contacto: +39 333 628 7484
Dirección de correo postal: 31011 Asolo (TV), via Giuseppe Verdi 79/9
Cobertura geográfica de la experiencia de la ONG: Brasil, Croacia, Italia


Fecha de creación: 2014

Medidas de salvaguardia:

- identificación, documentación, investigación (inventarios incluidos)
- promoción, valorización
- transmisión, enseñanza (no-)formal
- otro
- language standardization, corpus amplification

Principales áreas de trabajo relacionadas con la Convención:

The Academia de ła Bona Creansa, also known as Academia de ła Łengua Veneta, is a very active institution. As for its research and divulgation objectives, it organized the first two international conferences on the Venetian Language with several scholars and experts from a dozen of universities in the World, representatively reaching the venetophone communities and competent experts in the fields of language teaching, planning, and research.


The Academia de ła Bona Creansa aims at ensuring the broadest and most conscious inter-generational transmission of the Venetian language, and of the Venetian culture with it.


The Academia de a Bona Creansa offers free language and (cultural-)content support to all those individuals asking for it, from the institutional representative bodies or persons, to associations (also of venetophone emigrants), schools, research institutions, and particularly individual practitioners on the Venetian language and culture. The Academia, in fact, is often asked by individual writers, teachers, students, artists, actors, playwriters, poets, copywriters, journalists, publishers, museum directors, painters, singers, etc., to confirm or correct their works or produce new texts or translations in the Venetian language or on the Venetian language, history, and culture that will be part or input for their cultural and intellectual works.