El espacio cultural del yaaral y del degal Véase mas sobre el elemento
© Modibo Bagayoko / DNCP

Considering that certain cultural expressions are gender specific, gender relations in a given community play a crucial role in creating and recreating intangible cultural heritage worldwide. While acknowledging the existence of various types of gender relations and its importance in ICH safeguarding, UNESCO’s actions on ICH and gender aims at raising awareness about the importance of gender equality.

Below can be consulted meetings and projects that are or have already been organized/implemented on the subject of ICH and women/gender. Several research and specific pilot projects on ICH and gender are planned in the future.

    Reunión de expertos sobre Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial y género

    8 - 10 December 2003

    París (Francia)

    Reunión de expertos sobre las mujeres, el patrimonio inmaterial y el desarollo

    25 - 27 June 2001

    Teherán (Irán (República Islámica del))

    Simposio Internacional sobre el Papel desempeñado por las Mujeres en la Trasmisión del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial

    27 - 30 September 1999

    Teherán (Irán (República Islámica del))