15 octubre 2012 - 17 octubre 2012


Segundo taller de IMP para "Patrimonio Vivo": tres países de América del Sur se unen para aplicar la Convención de 2003

15 octubre 2012 - 17 octubre 2012
Buenos Aires
Taller de fortalecimiento de capacidades

The project was launched with the first actions taking place in June this year. A general Coordinator was selected in accordance with the profile set out in the prodoc, and the first informative communications were sent out (Argentine National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO and Japanese Embassy in Argentina), and subsequently to the Secretariat for Culture of the Nation, the Argentine Foreign Office, the Uruguayan National Commission for UNESCO, etc. At the same time, communication was established with Ms. Mónica Lacarrieu member of the UNESCO Trainers network, to confirm her participation as the main resource person for the Project. Mr. Francisco López Morales was also contacted with the same purpose.