1 abril 2013 - 30 noviembre 2013


Inventario piloto en la comunidad de tango de Buenos Aires.

1 abril 2013 - 30 noviembre 2013
Buenos Aires
Taller de fortalecimiento de capacidades

Following the previous theoretical trainings, a pilot inventorying experience was launched in April 2013 and concluded in November 2013 in the city of Buenos Aires. This field work was aimed at providing first-hand experience in drawing up inventories to a team made of tango bearers, government officials and members of relevant non-governmental organizations.
Guided by the main project facilitator, Ms Mónica Lacarrieu (Argentina), the inventory team chose, among the different musical, poetic and human elements of the practice of tango, to focus on milongas, the popular evenings where men and women gather in local clubs to dance the tango and the music that carries that same name. According to the inventory team, beyond the worldwide known dance itself, some elements related to tango are exposed to threats and need to be safeguarded. The milongas of Buenos Aires were identified as part of these ‘less healthy’ elements of tango and selected for the pilot inventory exercise. The following milongas were selected according to criteria of age, close ties with their neighbourhoods, liveliness of the gatherings and transmission of the knowledge associated with tango and consent from the milongueros:
• Sunderland (Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires)
• Sin Rumbo (Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires)
• Lo de Celia (Constitución-San Cristóbal, Buenos Aires)
• Huracán (Parque Patricios, Buenos Aires)
• La Tierrita (Parque Avellaneda, Buenos Aires)